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Good Days to All,

Spring is finally upon us, and as work shifts into overdrive, many things will be changing around the Renniewoods booth this season.  One of the main things that is changing is my appearance.  To better fit my image as a magecrafter, i am changing to a slightly more woodsy appearance. 

Also, I have a great many wands being added to the mix, in some interesting new colors and wood types.  I will also be working on a few in a new style that we hope will be appreciated.  More details will come, along with pictures, when the first of these pieces have been finished.

We hope your winter was as easy as ours was in the northeast, and that your spring is going well also,

Greetings and good health!

Many warm thanks to all those who bid us welcome during our renaissance faire vending debut at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire this past weekend!! It was a pleasure meeting patrons and fellow merchants alike, and especially lovely to keep shop next to the lovely and talented people at Hennadancer.

However, since it seems there were some who were slightly disappointed we were only appearing for one weekend, we'd like to offer a token of appreciation: for those of ye who wished to purchase something at a later date, we shall be offering faire prices online until the end of the faire, October 24. That's right, ye heard me! Faire prices online until October 24!!*

You're welcome!

*Plus shipping & handling
Hear ye, hear ye!

We here at Renniewoods have been accepted for the opening weekend at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire!  We are very happy to take our show on the road, even if it is only a short distance away.  We will be there the weekend of September 25th and 26th.  And for those who follow along with our posts, mention the website for an extra surprise while at faire.

I have been working very hard to bring about some new products for the faire, and shall bring a large selection with us for some extra fun.  As this be our first opportunity to vend at a faire, we are still putting the pieces together, but we shall do our best.  We hope you will all be able to stop by to at least say hello, and peruse our products. 

Mayhap best of all, we've a new line of child-friendly products making their debut at the faire, so be sure to bring your little ones with ye. For any young'uns pining for a "Harry Potter" wand of their own, the search shall end at our booth!

I shall be seeing ye all anon,
Greetings and good health, lords and ladies!

I hope ye are faring well during these blistering hot midsummer days. Mayhap ye had been thinking we at Renniewoods had been lazing the summer days away on the beach with our lack of updates, but it isn't so! In fact, we've made many new and exciting additions to our stock.
Verily, we have commenced a line of canes and walking sticks for ye fine folk! Though we've only two at present, more are being fiddled with and shall be available anon. If ye turn your attention to our accessories page, we have just begun offering hand carved rune sets and wooden buttons. These little beauties are also being expanded upon and will be available in more varieties soon enough!

Ye will also notice our finished wands are ready to view and purchase. We have taken down unfinished wands, but we shall still gladly take commissions. It shall be easier to discuss preferences at the time of ordering than to browse our endless collection of sticks.

Pritee return  soon for more updates!

Fare thee well,

Greetings and good health!

I am delighted to announce the debut of Renniewoods' lineup of wands; Valos turned his room into a forest of lovelies hanging by his ceiling to make it possible.
There are several pieces of each color he had, stained and coated with poly, and ready to either be snatched up by ye good folks or further customized with crystals and other adornments.

To give ye an example of what else can be done to customize a wand, prithee turn your attention below to the wand I made for meself (under careful watch and frequent aid of Valos, of course).

Valos carved a double helix spiraling down its entire length save for below the handle, and the wand is enhanced at the end with an energetic piece of Rutilated Quartz. If I may be so bold, I must say I am quite smitten with it!

Stay tuned for more completed works, as we've been working without rest to bolster our stock.

Fare thee well,

Greetings and good health!

Ladies and gentlefolk, I've a confession. Veryily, I am not a good gypsy. With all my traveling hither and thither, ye'd think I would'st be skilled in keeping track of important belongings, but 'twas not the case! As Valos informed ye, for a spell my trusty camera charger had vanished. Vanished, dear me!

But alas, it has been recovered and new pictures are up. Aye, our selection of wands has  tripled! Prithee have a peek, and may something catch your fancy!

My tall, dark and creepy companion is hard at work preparing each new wand (and staff, more to come on those) to be worked on for faire season. We hope to bring you a sample of finished wands anon!

May we meet again next week; until then, fare thee well!

Greetings and Good Days!

I am just posting right quick today to let all know that the hunt for more staffs and wands has proven fruitful.  A couple new root staffs will be added to the listings soon, as well as several straight staffs.  Not to mention a rather hefty pile of wands that are currently being stripped and readied for more work.  I expect many photos to be added to the site this coming weekend. 

Thank ye for checking in, and we here at Renniewoods do hope to be hearing from all ye soon.

Fare Thee Well!!

P.S. - We at Renniewoods would like to apologize for the lack of pictures.  A certain camera battery charger had gone missing, but has recently made itself available for use yet again.  We hope to have at least some pictures done during the coming weekend, and look to have them posted as soon as we can manage to do so.
Greetings and good health to one and all!

For those of ye paying attention this past week, ye might be wondering what in God's Teeth has gotten into Valos and I. Wherefore have we changed everything around? Mayhap ye may wish to call it a touch of early spring cleaning. But we at Renniewoods lovingly call it...RENNIEVATION! (Aye, we oft crack ourselves up.)

I dare say the biggest change, aside from a touch of new language, is the How To Order page. Hither ye will find all ye need to know about ordering a custom staff or wand for Valos to craft. There's naught but four easy steps, so pray have a peek!

Another page we have at last completed rennievating is our Finished Work. A touch of design change , coupled with the use of Flickr slide shows, gives the page a whole new ambiance. We also added new staffs, so ye may either buy a ready-made custom piece or get a peek at what Valos can make.

This weekend, we shall brave the rough wilderness of Southern New York to gather new wood specimens. Pray return next week for a glimpse of the new wares we acquire!

Fare thee well,
Greetings and good health!

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Naomi, herbalist by trade, trouble maker by hobby. Valos asked me to keep you fine folks updated on his crafty activities from here on, so you're stuck with me. Lucky you!

Lately, Valos resembles a man possessed.  Oh, I'm a healer, you're thinking, so why don't I just heal him and be done with it. How clever. A little cabin fever never hurt anyone, now did it?

Valos spends hours hunched over large pieces of wood, sawdust flying everywhere - and I mean everywhere. He only pauses his frenzied sanding to slather on a fresh coat of stain or polyurethane. The stinging scent is enough to drive any sane woman mad!

Ah, but his feverish efforts are not in vain. He'll have a fair lineup of finished staves to show off come faire season.

His aqua hued, ocean-themed staff is marvelous, and I shall be sad to see it go once someone buys it. I'll take care not to get too attached, lest someone need to pry it from my grip later on.

There are several more staves in the works, including four ironwood pieces he is refining for a rustic yet elegant finish.

Another staff I look forward to seeing completed soon is a spiral-topped work of wonder. Words don't do it justice, so I won't even try. Pictures of this and the others will be up on both the blog and the finished work page soon!

That's all for now! Fare thee well,