Quick Update! - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and Good Days!

I am just posting right quick today to let all know that the hunt for more staffs and wands has proven fruitful.  A couple new root staffs will be added to the listings soon, as well as several straight staffs.  Not to mention a rather hefty pile of wands that are currently being stripped and readied for more work.  I expect many photos to be added to the site this coming weekend. 

Thank ye for checking in, and we here at Renniewoods do hope to be hearing from all ye soon.

Fare Thee Well!!

P.S. - We at Renniewoods would like to apologize for the lack of pictures.  A certain camera battery charger had gone missing, but has recently made itself available for use yet again.  We hope to have at least some pictures done during the coming weekend, and look to have them posted as soon as we can manage to do so.

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