For Shame, Gypsy Woman! - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

Ladies and gentlefolk, I've a confession. Veryily, I am not a good gypsy. With all my traveling hither and thither, ye'd think I would'st be skilled in keeping track of important belongings, but 'twas not the case! As Valos informed ye, for a spell my trusty camera charger had vanished. Vanished, dear me!

But alas, it has been recovered and new pictures are up. Aye, our selection of wands has  tripled! Prithee have a peek, and may something catch your fancy!

My tall, dark and creepy companion is hard at work preparing each new wand (and staff, more to come on those) to be worked on for faire season. We hope to bring you a sample of finished wands anon!

May we meet again next week; until then, fare thee well!


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