Inventory Updates Aplenty - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health, lords and ladies!

I hope ye are faring well during these blistering hot midsummer days. Mayhap ye had been thinking we at Renniewoods had been lazing the summer days away on the beach with our lack of updates, but it isn't so! In fact, we've made many new and exciting additions to our stock.
Verily, we have commenced a line of canes and walking sticks for ye fine folk! Though we've only two at present, more are being fiddled with and shall be available anon. If ye turn your attention to our accessories page, we have just begun offering hand carved rune sets and wooden buttons. These little beauties are also being expanded upon and will be available in more varieties soon enough!

Ye will also notice our finished wands are ready to view and purchase. We have taken down unfinished wands, but we shall still gladly take commissions. It shall be easier to discuss preferences at the time of ordering than to browse our endless collection of sticks.

Pritee return  soon for more updates!

Fare thee well,

8/16/2010 09:52:20 pm

I am really liking these canes. I hope there are more to see soon. Might be interested in one if I see one I like!!


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