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Greetings and good health to one and all!

For those of ye paying attention this past week, ye might be wondering what in God's Teeth has gotten into Valos and I. Wherefore have we changed everything around? Mayhap ye may wish to call it a touch of early spring cleaning. But we at Renniewoods lovingly call it...RENNIEVATION! (Aye, we oft crack ourselves up.)

I dare say the biggest change, aside from a touch of new language, is the How To Order page. Hither ye will find all ye need to know about ordering a custom staff or wand for Valos to craft. There's naught but four easy steps, so pray have a peek!

Another page we have at last completed rennievating is our Finished Work. A touch of design change , coupled with the use of Flickr slide shows, gives the page a whole new ambiance. We also added new staffs, so ye may either buy a ready-made custom piece or get a peek at what Valos can make.

This weekend, we shall brave the rough wilderness of Southern New York to gather new wood specimens. Pray return next week for a glimpse of the new wares we acquire!

Fare thee well,

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