Winter Cometh - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Good Day to All!

It appears that power has finally been restored to our neck of the woods.  We were inundated by a rather nasty storm, and have been away from home for a few days trying our best to keep warm.  But we are back now, and some new items will soon be underway.

Some trees in our area were damaged by the storm, some of which can make for some interesting new pieces.  Some apple trees were completely taken out, and a couple large pieces of black walnut were damaged near my residence, thus a few pieces will be taken from them, with some other possibilities as well, if they work out.  Also, a block of ebony was recently acquired, so some new wizard wands will soon be available, I hope.  The wood, while very dense, is also rather fragile, and will require some delicate work.

We hope everyone else is coming through the storm nicely, and look forward to seeing you again int he spring!

Warmest wishes,

Valos and Naomi

P.S. - a foot of snow last week, today it reached 71 degrees!

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