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Greetings and good health!
Phinius, our little robed mascot
During the Connecticut Renaissance Faire we held a contest to name our new fuzzy mascot to the left. After a great deal of deliberation, and a far greater deal of procrastination, our decision is made.

Little robed ferret fuzzy, from henceforth you shall be known as....*drumroll* PHINIUS! Many thanks to the fine lad who submitted the name, and of course many more thanks to the other folks who made suggestions. They were all lovely, to be sure!

And now for some (more) shameless self-promotion: As Valos has already mentioned, the long-awaited holiday season is nigh upon us, friends. This year, why not gift your loved ones with a touch of magic? We're in the process of making the ordering process much simpler through Google Checkout, and new products are on their way. For a custom order, however, contacting us directly is still the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Fare thee well, and may your holidays be merry!


11/17/2010 07:06:19 pm

A fantastic name indeed! Excellent choice for an excellent mascot :)

11/17/2010 07:46:14 pm

hooray I won the naming! And I got to advert for you guys at the faire! Too much win!! \(^.^)/

11/18/2010 09:05:46 pm

We are very happy that you approve of our choice. I believe we will need to get a picture with our winner with Phinius. By the Gods, we may even start taking pictures of Phinius all over the place!


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