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Greetings and good health!

We've a wondrous announcement to make to all our patrons. I had originally intended to wait, but I never WAS good at keeping secrets.

This spring and summer we shall be vendors for not one, but TWO renaissance faires. From late April through May we shall tirelessly lug our staves and other magical items to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire's Robin Hood Springtime Festival; then, from June to early July ye can find us at the fantastical Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire.

Best of all, unlike last year where we could only set up shop for one weekend, we shall be at the faires for their entire durations. For more details, please see our calendar.

I shall do well to keep ONE small secret, however. But since I be a fair maiden, I shall give ye a hint: our booth will transport you to an exotic place! Save for our classic Renniewoods sign, ye may scarcely recognize our booth this year. We can hardly wait for ye to see it!!!

FAIRE thee well (ah ha, get it? *ahem* I know, I'm as ashamed as you are)
1/30/2011 08:57:32 pm

On last Faire, to my good fortune, I became proud beholder to my Powers of the Earth wand. I am empowered by it's energies that draw from the earth, the wind and the mighty birds of prey. The spirit and energy held within it's power enlighten me and lift my healing power so that I may help others in their hours of need in the nature of my work. I am anxious to see the newest line of fine staves, as this is my next hearts desire!
Godspeed to you! See you at the Faire!

2/11/2011 08:35:42 pm

I am glad to see that ye will be returning to join us at faire this season. I am sure I was not the only one a little disappointed to not see ye after the first weekend of last years fall festival! We all look forward to having ye join for many years to come!!

2/13/2011 11:39:20 am

Aye, and we look forward to the faires as well!!


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