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To All and Sundry,

Though I don't have any new pictures to post here today, i hope to have some soon.  The first two weekends of the Phaire have been exceptionally kind to my familiar, Valos.  The weather has been wonderful, and though I prefer to be out of the sun and hidden safely in my robes, I do still enjoy getting to see so many people coming out to the phaire. 

I especially wish to say hello to Prince John, who seems to have taken a liking to me.  It is strange to see such an evil person reduced to a blathering child in the presence of a cute and fuzzy critter.  Oh well, i guess you can't be evil all the time.

We hope to see many more people out at the phaire, and we will be having much more phun during the final two weekends.  I hear a rumor that all six of the Vixens en Garde will be at the phaire this weekend, and since we get to see all their shows from our booth, being right next to them, I cannot wait to possibly have a picture taken with the whole group (hint hint to the Vixens).

Good Eve to All,
Phinius, the Ferret

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