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Greetings and good health!

We've many tidbits of news for ye fine folk this week! Aye, never be there a dull moment at Renniewoods, rest assured of that.

Firstly, something of a teaser: though I be not at liberty to divulge details, yet a faire appearance may be in the works!

To prepare for a potential faire appearance, Valos has added a more economic line of staves. He has declined to display them on the website at present, as he prefers them to be a faire inventory item only, for the time being anyways. But in faith, they are quite nice!

Ah, but I know what ye really wish to see... more canes! And more canes ye'll get.
Vigilante Cane
Valos is struck by his own work
Six more lovelies be making an appearance on our website anon, including this ebony ironwood walking stick featured on the left. Lovingly named Vigilante, this cane gives a strong sense of aggressive justice - quite perfect for those mercenary types.

For more details on Vigilante and the five other new canes, return anon to the cane page! In faith I may be unable to post them in the next day or two, but it will be soon, ye have my word!

Fare thee well,

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