New Sheaths for our Wizard Wands - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health,

We hope ye've been holding your own against all this villainous snow! I for one found myself stranded for the day, with naught but a stack of assigned reading to keep my mind occupied.

But on to far more important matters. Valos has stitched up a little bonus for all ye who wish to purchase a wizard wand: sheaths! Each sheath comes with a belt loop, so ye may meander through any faire with your wand safely stowed.
The photograph to the left is but a sample of what is to come, for we shall have several different colors and patterns to choose from. Soon enough ye shall be able to pick whichever one ye please, free with the purchase of a wizard wand!

And now for something completely different... I submit a photo for your enjoyment:

Is he a) casting a powerful spell, b) dodging enemy fireballs, or c) flailing helplessly as he falls into a 24-inch pile of snow while yours truly laughs hysterically?

Any guesses?

Answer: C! Valos, 0; Snow, 1
3/3/2011 04:43:35 pm

Just for the record... I really hate that picture...

3/9/2011 07:20:36 am

Oh, don't found it just as hilarious as I did! ...After your wounded pride recovered, anyway.


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