The Ironwood Collection - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health to you all!

New England has been blessing us with gorgeous weather these past few days: the air is warming, the tulips are pushing their ways up; spring is fast approaching! You know what that means, don't you? I can soon kick Valos outdoors for his staff crafting, of course! What else?
As promised, I come bearing photographs of one of his finished ironwood staves; and a nice rooty staff it is!

The piece is finished with a natural stain, which enhances the ironwood's true hues and accentuates the grain of the wood.

 Now, this piece would be perfect for a dainty priestess or wench, but not so fitting for a taller gentleman - unless you enjoy frequent, sharp pokes to the eye, that is. Its roots sit at about six feet high, as you can see.

Come back next week for more pictures of finished pieces!

Fare thee well,

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