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Greetings and good health,

Valos and I tore up the New York Renaissance Faire this past Saturday, making our first trip as patrons since we started vending last fall. Verily, though we love vending, it was great fun having the patron experience once again. That's not to say it was all play and no business, Heavens no!
In faith, we had a staff delivery to make. Before exploring the grounds at length, we made a beeline for The Potted Fox's booth to drop off the gorgeous fox shaman staff to Potted Fox's owner and mastermind, Kat. It was a pleasure to give form to her vision for this entirely customized piece, and a welcomed challenge for Valos.

Though her website is being renovated at the moment, we shall provide ye fine folks with a link anon. Kat hand makes leather goods such as pouches, corsets, bodices, and hats, to name a few. So pray stop by and peruse her booth if ye have plans to attend NYRF anon.

I had my own foxy fun at faire as well - I joined forces with Kat as the newest recruit to the Fox Clan within the Barbarian Guild! We are currently recruiting any other fox-like faire-goers, so prithee join us!

We look forward to seeing ye all anon at CTRF this fall (as patrons once again). Until then,

Fare thee well!

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