Renniewoods' Summer Debut - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

By an unexpected stroke of luck, Valos and I attended the Southern Connecticut Renaissance Faire yesterday. 'Twas our first of the season, and what a merry occasion it was - save for the dappled showers and sunburn, of course.

A warm thanks to all who stopped to have a word with us throughout our meanderings, your kind words about Valos' work were humbling.

Valos and I would also like to express special thanks to the lovely ladies at The Catskill Soap Company for their sage council and warm company! Prithee take a peek at their website, kind folks; their soaps and incense smell so heavenly, Valos had to forcibly drag me away from their tent before I tried bartering my left kidney for half their inventory - I kid ye not!

We shall attend more faires anon, though at present we've no definite plans. Stay tuned, for I shall announce our plans as they become definite!

Fare thee well,

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