New Staffs Coming Soon! (Teaser) - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

This bedeviled snow has caused its share of trouble this season, wouldn't ye agree? Renniewoods' backyard has amassed so much of the vile white nuisance that it has been all but impossible to take pictures of our latest staffs. But rest assured, fair readers, new products have been finished and pictures shall be forthcoming anon! Be that a promise or a threat, ye may ask? I shall let ye decide.

So far we've added two straight staffs to our collection, as well as a fascinating, gnarled root staff carved into the likeness of a dragon's hand, quartz talons and all. I am quite confident this will be a hot item, as Valos' delicate handiwork is quite impressive. --Wait a moment, did I just compliment him?! *ahem* Ye didn't see that...

Until we meet again (with pictures), fare thee well.


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