Many Merry Days - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

I hope the holiday season found ye well. Phinius sure enjoyed himself, as ye can well enough see. Of course, not everything lasts forever; now that we've recovered from our holiday food comas, it be time to set our sights on the future.

As we look forward to welcoming in a new year, so too do we set our sights on new Renniewoods developments for next year.  Valos has a handful of staffs in various stages of production; we've a new line of wands which we believe our more feminine fans will take a liking to; and much more. More information to come!

We hope your celebrations be merry, and that ye will continue to follow us into the new year. Thank ye all for your kind support in our first year of operation. Many merry days to ye and yours!

Fare thee well,

9/7/2012 06:21:54 pm

nice post


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