First Posting - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
I am not going to be seen anywhere for a couple of months at least.  It is very cold out, and not a good time to be going to renaissance faires.  I am, however, preparing several staffs for staining and sealing.  These pieces will be placed on My finished pieces page, as well as being carried by Myself, or My Priestess, Naomi, at faire this coming season.  Future posts will tell you where I will be, as well as what to look for to find Me.

Please feel free to leave comments to any of My posts, especially if you have spotted Me at a faire, or have anything to say about Me or My work.  I appreciate all comments, as long as it pertains to My work here.

As a final note, please feel free to contact Me through the contact page if you have any comments about My site, or recommendations for possible additions to My inventory choices.

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