Distressing News? - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

Though ye may expect Valos and I would be bustling about in preparation for the King Arthur Faire this September, instead we bring potentially disappointing news - we shall not be vending at any faires for the rest of the year. Ye may still purchase our wares from our website, and we shall still be taking custom orders online as well.

In faith, both of us have too many other pressing obligations we must attend to - I have a grueling bout of schooling which shall demand my utmost attention anon, and Valos shall be preparing applications for schools so that next year he may suffer as I have been suffering.. MWA HA HA HA *ahem* So pray wish us the best of luck, as we shall both be needing it in large quantities!

We shall, however, make appearances as patrons at the fall faires, and shall be returning as vendors to both the Robin Hood Festival and the Midsummer Fantasy Faire.

Fare thee well,

P.S. - Look for us on the opening day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

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