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Good Evening to All!

Valos and Phinius at the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire.
        Naomi, Phinius and Myself have recently visited the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.  And boy did we have fun.  We were able to see many friends that we haven't seen since the summer, and make some new friends while we were there.

        While we were at the faire, Phinius decided he wanted to have some pictures taken, and we couldn't help but indulge him a little.  Here he is seen hanging out on the Potted Fox sign.  We were amazed he was able to scramble up there, but then, he is a magical ferret.  Take a look at the amazing leather work from the proprietress, Kat.

        Here Phinius has jumped into the arms of a pirate skeleton, one of the nice people at the wonderful shop On Glass Wings.  The people at this shop are amazing artists, and can take just about any image and create a stained glass piece from it.  Stop in and take a look at what they have there to offer, or just to say hello to the nice people behind the counter!

        While we enjoy many things at faire, saying hello to good friends is one of our favorite activities.  Phinius enjoys the Henna Dancer booth as much as we do, because he knows that tasty goodness will be coming whenever we stop in here.  You can either get some very nice Henna (temporary herbal tattoos) from the wonderful Lauren, or look over the amazing selection of herbs they have available from Auntie Arwen.  Also to be found near the Henna Dancer booth at times, or often roaming around the faire, is Suleiman's Turkish  Delights, with both turkish coffee and baklava, two amazing and addictive substances. (He's an evil evil man, just so you know... but you will be back after just one taste. And by evil, I mean extremely nice.)

        While at the Faire, please stop by some of our other friends.  Some wonderful shops at the faire include Foresight, your home of a pair of amazing psychics, who know all, see all, and tell much!  Also be sure to stop in at the Lusty Leather shop for some great leather products.  Take a peek at Aetas Designs or Chrononaut Mercantile for a look at some wonderful period clothing!  We also really like the people over at Won Lo's Shady Emporium, whose amazing devices keep your head out of the sun and rain!  When looking for some celtic style cloaks, or that accessory for your steampunk outfit, check out Xeph Ink with their celtic curiosities.  If you are interested in blades, swords, knives, daggers, axes, and other interesting weapons, then head over to The Dragon's Breath Forge, who will have just the right type of weapon for you.  We are very big fans of these guys, because of their amazing work, and because we happen to be from the same town!!  Also be sure to stop by Sir Munch-A-Lots for all your extremely tasty, and calorie-loaded, food items, such as chocolate covered bacon and deep-fried snickers.  Or perhaps have some Dragon Ice Cream, tasty goodness for those warm days. 

        Please try to stop in and see our friends, and when you do, tell them we said Hello.  It probably won't get you anything, but one never knows, our friends like it when we spread word on each other!

With Many Blessings,

Valos and Naomi
10/11/2011 12:20:56 am

The psychics of Foresight are always pleased to see the three of you as well. And we were glad that you could drop by briefly during this fall's faire.

Hope to be your neighbors again in the future. Until then, we'll have to be your neighbors on the net. When you have time, I'd like to invite you to drop by and visit our blog at

See you soon


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