A Staff to be Reckoned With - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

With the Robin Hood Springtime Festival nigh approaching, Valos and I have been madly dashing about, making preparations. This includes upgrades to our tent, but we wouldst do well not to forget Valos' hard work expanding our inventory too!
Dragonsbane Staff
Valos enjoys scaring children in the park
With that said, we wish to introduce ye to the latest addition to our staff selection: Dragonsbane! Whence Valos uprooted this striking piece, it had been growing nearly horizontally in the center of a cluster of large boulders. This gave the roots their fascinating gnarled, upright appearance.  It bears a close resemblance to the hand of a dragon, no? Quite right, we thought so as well!

The wood proved too soft to carve, so our ever resourceful craftsman attached laser quartz to each "finger", creating fearsome claws. He also carved the base of the head to resemble tattered skin, completing the look.

Though we shall be putting this piece on our website, it shall of course be making the travel to faire with us. Ye are quite welcome to stop by and have a peek at it, but beware - the claws are quite fragile, so care must be taken when handling it.

We eagerly await faire time, and sincerely hope to see ye there anon!

Fare thee well,

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