A Green Witch's Delight - Renniewoods - Quality Renaissance Stavery
Greetings and good health!

What, ho! Aye, tis Naomi, returned from a lengthy absence. Could ye expect any less of a gypsy? Lucky for ye fine ladies and gentlefolk, Valos shackled me to this here chair so I couldn't wander off anew before updating ye.

We've another masterpiece to introduce to ye all, and what a spitfire it is:
Whimsical though this staff may be, its regal aura helps it blend in at formal occasions - though methinks it feels most at home in a garden or forest.

The staff's personality would be most dashing paired with a wizardly type, or mayhap a green witch oft working their magick in a lush garden.

As ye can gather, the staff head is immaculately carved into a tapered spiral, with large and small circles etched in the center. The wood's softness gave Valos many a fretful hour as he whittled carefully away, all too aware a stray forceful nudge could snap the wood, giving him naught for his efforts.

Ah, but we've all more faith than that in our goodly disciple of darkness, aye? If this beauty please ye, snatch it up before someone else does likewise!

Until we meet anon, fare thee well!


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