To All and Sundry,

I have once again returned to add a couple more photos to the gallery.  It isn't much, but i had some phun at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire last fall, meeting some new people and seeing some old friends.
Here I am sitting atop the sign for Potted Fox Leather.  The Lady Kat, proprietress of this shop, is a very nice lady, and even cracked a smile when she saw me perched on her sign.  I think she still wonders how I managed to get myself stuck up there...

Somehow this skeleton pirate get her hands on me.  I think Valos let her take me just for the picture.  She was rather scary, but the stained glass her and her mate were making at the shop On Glass Wings are absolutely beautiful.  Who knows, maybe I will have them make a stained glass portrait of yours truly...

This smiling lass is Lauren from Henna Dancer.  She makes gorgeous temporary henna tattoos of all sorts.  In her booth, she also sells the spices of Auntie Arwen.  These spices come in all types and blends, and can be used o make any dish just that much better. 

I hope you enjoyed these couple of pictures, and I hope to have some more for you soon, if my pet Valos would take me out for a walk and actually remember his camera for once...

Until the next time,

Phinius, the Ferret

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