To All my Friends,

Here I am with my favorite Mage of all, Valos Kes'Ternan.  This picture was taken of us at the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire.  We really enjoyed that faire, both seeing old friends and getting to meet some new ones.  We will be returning there this summer as well, and look forward to a lot of fun there.  However, we will be heading off to the Robin Hood Festival at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. 


As you can see, I am always one for being the Master of the Throne, it is just a shame that Valos doesn't let me out as much as I wish he did.  Hopefully, there will soon be some more pictures of me out and about. 

As a last note, there is a rumor about that Valos is changing his entire appearance for the faires this year.  Keep your eyes peeled for his new look, just don't expect me to be changing all that much!

-Phinius, the Ferret

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